Where I Got it Wrong

Last fall Audrey Gelman made history by being the first visibly pregnant CEO on the cover of a business magazine, Inc Magazine. In the article she highlighted the success of her company The Wing but neglected to bring up the huge challenges they were facing around diversity and inclusion.

Audrey isn’t keeping quiet anymore and in a recent Fast Company article, she not only outlines the big problems they face but also maps out their plan to solve them.

I love this article and how vulnerable Audrey Gelman is. It shows us that even the people that look like super hero’s all of the time aren’t perfect.

She says, “If we can normalize a more honest kind of leadership, one that doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or project an image of perfection - regardless of heightened scrutiny - then we might actually give ourselves the space we need: to listen to those around us, to ask embarrassing questions, to reflect openly about our shortcoming, to allow for the learning and unlearning that must occur to correct them, and to drive meaningful change within ourselves and our organizations.”



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