What if this Valentine's Day it was all about YOU?

Are you dreading Valentine's Day? For many the holiday can be rather annoying or even triggering, flooding memories of love filled or lonely V-day's from the past.

But what if we turned this holiday into something EVERYONE could enjoy? What if we made Valentine's Day 2021 about loving ourselves? Check out 4 ways you can celebrate YOU this year..

1. Carve out time to be alone for an hour or more to do whatever you want to do. Many of you will need to start working on this now. If you're in a relationship prep your partner letting them know you're going to take this time. *Don't ask, kindly let them know this is what's happening* You may be pleasantly surprised that they're excited to have some alone time too - or if you have kids this will alert them to the fact that they are going to need to come up with a plan to entertain them. If you have kids but are single, could you ask a parent or friend come over for an hour?

Ideas for alone time: Draw a bubble bath with some champagne. I received the SipSki as a gift and it's amazing! Curl up with that favorite book you've been dying to open, let me recommend Glennon Doyle's, Untamed. I know we're in a Global Pandemic but you could also get out of the house! Take a drive to a beautiful spot that you never get the chance to explore or if it's safe, book a mani/pedi.

2. Send yourself flowers! After all, you know you pick out the best bouquets. Florists will be busy so make sure you schedule this today! FarmGirl Flowers are my personal favorite.

3. Do something outside of your comfort zone! If you never cook or bake, try a new recipe. Is painting or calligraphy something you've always wanted to try but have convinced yourself you'd be no good at it? Give it a try! Modern Water Color Techniques: Beginner

4. Get your sweat on! Run a 5K, strap on your snow shoes, dust off that bike or spend an hour with your favorite Peloton instructor! A little exercise can be exactly what the soul needs.

It's time we use this holiday to show love to the most important person in our lives...OURSELVES!

Written By: Tara Ryan

Photos: FarmGirl Flowers & Glennon Doyle's, Untamed

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