What Happens When Teams Fight Burnout Together

Three months ago I had the privilege of going through the PeopleFuel curriculum by The Energy Project and it was life changing.

Their philosophy helps channel your energy in ways that avoid burnout. Our lives are so crazy these days between work, classes, trying to eat healthy, get enough sleep, progress our career but also spend time with family and friends. It feels like it’s impossible to balance it all. Their way of thinking focuses less on time and more on energy.

After taking the class I felt like I had the foundation to build in new rituals around taking small or large breaks to “renew.” These rest periods have allowed me to bring high and productive energy to everything I do.

I realize that I’m extremely lucky Hubspot provided this opportunity for me and I want to give you a chance to learn more without having to go through the full course. Check out the link in my bio where you can read Harvard Business Review’s article “What Happens When Teams Fight Burnout Together

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