We Succeed Together #Tribe

An incredible read but especially as we are all experiencing extreme isolation and fear due to the pandemic.

Sebastian, Junger's

#tribe helped me to identify why I’m having so many of the feelings I’ve been experiencing lately. He says “Our society is alienating, technical, cold and mystifying. Our fundamental desire, as human beings, is to be close to others, and our society does not allow for that.” - this book was published in 2016 which means our country was already struggling with a sense of belonging and now things are even worse.

Personally, I’m an extrovert and I thrive in high energy and super connected environments. While I think our country as a whole struggles to create those I must admit I’m very good at creating them for myself. I’ve always been the friend that takes the lead on party and vacation planning, I’m involved in tons of networking groups and book clubs. I LOVE people and I love feeling like I’m part of a group. Covid-19 has stripped me from a lot of these opportunities and it wasn’t until I read this book that I was able to reflect on that.

“Acting in a tribal way simply means being willing to make a substantive sacrifice for your community - be that your neighborhood, your workplace, or your entire country”

Anyone else relating? Well... I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to let the Corona Virus win. I can make some real changes: More zoom networking, virtual feminist activism opportunities, creative ways to interact and have fun with friends (safely) and more time with family & my close bubble. It’s also okay to accept that making changes like this won’t be easy and will likely be exhausting, but it’s all a part of the process & Its all about baby steps!

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