We Can't Let COVID-19 Rewind the Hard Work We've Accomplished in the Fight for Gender Equity

@sherylsandberg recently published an op-ed bringing attention to another major issue #covid_19 has created. “According to a recent @leaninorg Survey, 31% of women with full-time jobs and families say they have more to do than they can possibly handle. Only 13% of working men with families say the same. Our research indicates that this disparity is not because men are simply shouldering equally heavy burdens with greater ease. Instead, women are disproportionately feeling overwhelmed because they are disproportionately the ones working day and night to keep households afloat.” We’ve made a lot of progress and we can’t let #COVID19 set us back in the fight for #genderequity. Of course, it’s going to take help from our government and employers but we can help too.#advocatefor yourself and others. Ask for help if you are feeling this burden. Lean into your network we’re all in this together to fight for a more equitable world❤️ To read the entire @fortunemag article click the link in my bio.

Link to Article: https://fortune.com/2020/05/07/coronavirus-women-sheryl-sandberg-lean-in-employers-covid-19/







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