Venture Catalyst, Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton started to build her dream from a blow-up bed on the floor where she absorbed everything she could get her hands on about venture capital. She realized there was a major problem. People weren’t investing in deals when their founders weren’t highly educated straight white men.

Arlan knew there were brilliant underrepresented creators that were being overlooked and undervalued. She made it her mission to create a VC firm that would invest exclusively to black, persons of color, women and/or LGBT founders and Backstage Capital was born.

@backstagecapitalhas invested in over 100 startups led by underrepresented groups and they are just getting started.

To learn more click the link in my bio to check out their website and Arlan’s new book #itsaboutdamntime, how to turn being underestimated into your greatest advantage. 📷:@fastcompany

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