The Corona Virus is a Disaster for Feminism

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives so quickly and we’ve had to readjust to a new normal.

With everyone in a family being home together, parents, children and elderly family members there’s so much “looking after” that needs to take place.

In cases where both parents worked before the pandemic, someone else was looking after children or elderly relatives during the day, but now this is not possible and the grim reality is that unpaid caring labor tends to fall on women.

Hopefully awareness of this issue will help you or someone you know have that tough conversation about how to split up the household unpaid labor. We can’t let this pandemic push us back into the gender roles of the 1950’s. Let’s instead let it help us to continue to push for gender equality by sharing not only the professional workload but unpaid workload, too.

Check out the full The Atlantic Article also shared by Melinda Gates on Linked In where I found it.

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