Tips to Network From Home!

I don’t know about all of you but I’ve really let my networking efforts slip the past 5 months being at home.

Personally, I know I need to make a change here because I can’t see a world where I’m going into #boston again on a daily basis. My new “normal” when things do open up will probably consist of 3-4 days working from my home office and 1-2 in the office. From the conversations I’ve had with friends and colleagues, I think a lot of people would ideally shift to a schedule like this. This will be incredible for so many reasons but will hurt us when it comes to making personal and professional connections...IF WE LET IT! Just like our work and home lives have drastically shifted, our networking efforts need to, too!

@hubspot published an awesome article recently, 4 ways Women Can Build Their N

etworks From Home:

1. Diversify your connections

2. Tell Imposter Syndrome to Take a Day Off

3. Network with a Purpose

4. Commit to a Long-Term Conversation

And I’d add another..

5. Build networking into your schedule. Actually carve out the time on your calendar to connect with old colleagues, look into a new group or scroll through @linkedin to find new connections. If we don’t actually make the time it’s another one of those things we want to be doing but don’t end up getting to!

📷: Hubspot Blog

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