The Young Adult Book Everyone Should Read - Juliet Takes A Breath

I couldn’t put this one down. Throughout the entire read I kept saying to myself, “Shes so freaking cool, why wasn’t I more like her when I was 21?” Juliet is a Puerto Rican lesbian on the quest to explore a newfound passion for feminism sparked by her hero, Harlowe, the Author of “Raging Flower: Empowering Your Pussy by Empowering Your Mind.” Intriguing, right?

Juliet exhibits fearlessness from the very beginning when she makes the announcement to her extremely traditional family that she’s in love with a woman all the way to the end when she confronts her hero, Harlowe, about racism. This is the Young Adult read I wish I’d had as a YA. It’s a story of self discovery, feeling confused but openminded and letting love take you over in mind, body and soul.

@quirkyrican, thank you!

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