The White Awakening, Why Now?

Each month a member of my team facilitates a discussion around diversity, inclusion and belonging and this month we discussed @nprcodeswitch episode, Why Now, White People?

Racial injustice is not new so why are WE, white people, so enraged now? What they found was so interesting.. please listen to the podcast to learn more..

Podcast Link:

1. Peer Permission

2. Donald Trump

3. COVID-19

4. Shared anger of the collective

Anger is a hard emotion to sustain. How can we ensure we keep this fight against racism alive? If we each make ONE promise to continue the fight there will be change.

My promise: Continue to educate myself by reading (Caste is up next) and having more intentional conversations with black and brown people that I know and don’t know to better understand their perspective. Are you with me?

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