The Strong Women of Hamilton

Are you obsessed with the brilliant musical Hamilton? Have you seen it on Disney+ yet? 

It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. My favorite part was the three strong Schuyler sisters. Angelica is so strong and powerful. She is inspiring. Angelica sings, “I’m a girl in a world in which / My only job is to marry rich. / My father has no sons so I’m the one / Who has to social-climb for one.” These lyrics show that she is self aware and wants to have more power, which is a powerful thought for her to think. Particularly in the lines “Who has to social-climb for one,” she’s referencing the gender imbalances in the social actions of society.

As a woman, she has to work extra hard to be successful. Angelica wants the opportunities that men have to be equal. So, she perseveres. She ends up giving Hamilton advice in her letters to him about what he should do. Exemplifying her confidence, her actions also intelligence, determination, power, and self-awareness. Eliza is the same way. They show girls it’s good to be confident and strong in politics. 

To read more about the women of Hamilton, read the New Yorker article,

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Photograph by Hilary Swift / The New York Times / Redux

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