Staying Silent Isn't An Option, Thank you AOC

I wish we lived in a world where I didn’t have to share a video like this because we all treated each other with respect. Unfortunately, that’s not the case so I’m highlighting this act of bravery by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday.

She shared the story of the verbal abuse she received earlier this week from Florida Representative Ted Yoho. Exclaiming that we can’t silently accept this type of behavior as being okay. If we do that, it gives every man the excuse to treat women this way.

She paints a picture we women are all too familiar with. I know personally, when I’ve been attacked like this I’ve brushed it off and in doing so accepted the behavior as being acceptable.

Thank you @aoc for standing up for us all and hopefully giving us the confidence to do the same in the future. I’m linking her full address on shecommutesoutloud for you to watch.

Full CSPAN Speech:

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