Should We Retire the Girlboss?

Really interesting perspective from @leighstein, she says, “The end of the girlboss is here. The girlboss didn’t change the system; she thrived within it. Now that system is cracking, and so is this icon of millennial hustle”

“The end of the girlboss does not represent the failure of women to make corporate America more diverse, inclusive and equitable in 10 years or less. That would be asking a lot of her (and nothing from the men at the top). The rise and fall of the girlboss says more about how comfortable we’ve become mixing capitalism with social justice, as we look to corporations to implement social changes because we’ve lost faith in our public institutions to do so.”

The “girlboss” concept is interesting to me because I’m all for the hustle, but when the issue is really at the systemic level, it’s broken. Not to mention, “girlboss” is traditionally geared towards white millennial women and the message is we can change the system through our own self- motivated behaviors this doesn’t actually make things scalable for every woman.

I Highly suggest this @medium read, linked in my bio. 📷: Kelly Caminero

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