Raw, Honest & Real - Adam J. Kurtz

Two days ago I was introduced to Adam J. Kurtz @adamjk and his work and both had an immediate impact on me. He was so unapologetically real and it was refreshing.

Adam came in to speak to my company to amplify and celebrate #pridemonth. Typically speakers are pretty buttoned up and stick to their agenda. Not Adam. Adam was himself and he pivoted admitting that with everything going on in the world he needed to go about things a little differently with us and I appreciated it so much.

While the last two weeks have been very heavy and full of self-reflection and through that I’ve realized there’s SO much work I need to do, I’ve also realized there is so much sunshine and lots of rainbows in my life too. I’m so grateful @adamjk was introduced to me when he was, I needed this reminder❤️🌈 I encourage you all to check out more of his work!

Website: https://www.adamjkurtz.com/

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