Owning Your Image

At age 20, @emrata’s agent booked her for a photo shoot with an established photographer. As a young aspiring model she was willing to go after any opportunity presented to her.

She arrived to the shoot and was immediately surprised by his uninterested somewhat rude reaction to her. As a model she was used to positive reactions and this particular photographer dismissed her. She felt as if she needed to prove herself, make herself more desirable to win his approval. He shot her for hours, some shots in lingerie and others nude. When they wrapped up the shoot he sexually abused her and left her feeling confused and empty.

She tried hard to forget this experience after she reviewed the prints in the magazine she was posing for. Flash forward and she received notification that a book filled with prints he took of her had been printed and was being sold for $80 a copy. Her body was being sold without her permission and because of the internet, no matter what legal action she took the photos already existed to the world.

I highly encourage you to read the entire @thecut essay written by her. I share this story because women are taken advantage of every single day. Some situations more drastic than others, but all wrong and harmful.

We must continue to listen to each other and support one another because only if we do will more of us feel brave enough to share our stories and evoke change.

📷: @thecut & @emrata

Link to the article: https://www.thecut.com/article/emily-ratajkowski-owning-my-image-essay.html

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