Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

I finished "Maybe you should talk to someone," by Lori Gottlieb feeling inspired and free.

For those of you that haven’t read this incredible book yet, I won’t spoil anything but I will say, it painted a very clear picture for me. That picture is that we are all human (even the rapists) and we are all growing and learning things about ourselves every day.

It’s not easy to identify areas that you need to improve because that means when something goes wrong you have to shift from blaming others to looking deep into yourself. Was there something you could have done differently. It’s easy to#blame it’s not so easy to flip things back on yourself to figure out how you can grow, improve and not repeat mistakes.

This book helped to remind me of this and I’m trying to put it into practice. Trust me, I’ve had lots of practice 3 weeks into quarantine with my husband in our 800 square foot apartment. This book couldn’t have found me at a better time!

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