I'm a Feminist & Proud of it

I had the privilege of hearing the incredible @kellyyanghk speak recently and I was blown away by her courage to share an extremely tough sexual abuse story, one that the Harvard Law School tried to brush under the rug.

All of us have been silenced in one form or another and her bravery inspired me. I’ve kept my passion for#womensrights and #equalityforall tucked away. I’ve felt like a pot on the stove reaching medium heat but never allowing myself to boil over and explode. It’s time I let the world know that creating a more fair and equitable world for my future children to live in is why I wake up every day and it’s what drives me. I want every single person on this planet to feel like they are worth it and that their story matters. And yes, whether you want to believe it or not people are suppressed every single day just because of the way they look, act or feel and this isn’t right and we can all do things to help change this. I want to help change this.

I’ve been scared to share this because I know that not everyone feels this way and I could be labeled or judged, but while Kelly spoke I realized, why in the world should I feel scared to be labeled a feminist, women’s or equal rights advocate or activist? Scared is the opposite of how I should feel, especially given all of the racial injustice that’s had a light shown on it recently. So here I am.. I’m sharing my secret with all of you and I’ll start shifting the content I share to be more focused on the things I’m most passionate about. I hope you decide to continue along on this journey with me but if you don’t, that’s also okay!


Tara (She Commutes Out Loud)

Link to Kelly Yang's website: https://kellyyang.com/

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