How Mentoring Leads to Allyship

Mentoring is my passion. There’s nothing I love more than when one of my mentees has an epiphany and can see the direction they want to go in through the work we’ve accomplished together.

In my experience the most powerful mentor/mentee relationship are those with people that bring a new and fresh perspective. The goal of a relationship like this is growth and it’s hard to work towards your growth potential if you aren’t challenged with fresh ideas and new ways of thinking.

I challenge you all to look at your mentees/mentors, are they just like you? If so, that’s okay, but make it a goal to form a second or third relationship with someone completely different. I promise it will open your eyes to a whole new realm of possibility!

To continue to explore the magic of mentorship check out @hubspot’s #culturehappens podcast featuring @lzfain, of The Center for Mentoring Excellence. The episode is linked on

Culture Happens Episode:

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