Eva Longoria, Inspiration For All of Us

I just spent the last hour learning from @evalongoria, one of the most vocal advocates for Latinos around the world. She was featured on the latest episode of @thedissenters podcast where she shared her story and deepest passions.

She gave really incredible advice I took to heart, “My whole thing is educate yourself on things. And it doesn’t have to be everything. Pick something, one thing and be an expert at it. Really get literate on it and you don’t have to look far to make a difference.”

Especially as women we feel like we need to tackle it all but so often less is more because when there’s less there’s focus.


Podcast Episode Link: https://dearmedia.com/shows/the-dissenters/

Link to Foundation: https://evalongoriafoundation.org/

Photo by: The Daily Beast

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