Diversify Your Summer Reading List

As the 4th of July holiday sneaks up on us hopefully many of you have a little rest and relaxation planned, with a chance to grab a book.

I stumbled on an article from 2018 recently, “What I learnt from a year of reading only books by women.” This article challenged me to look at my bookcase and I found a similar finding to the author, Alice Fishburn...

“These days, most of us are alert to the perils of unconscious bias in our professional lives. But I hadn’t expected to find it so explicitly on my bookshelves. There I was — a woman in my thirties with a degree in literature who makes a living by wrangling words — mired in a world of favoured books, most of which had one thing in common: a man behind the pen.” And in my specific case, a white man.

Link to the article: https://www.ft.com/content/99936410-fdf8-11e8-aebf-99e208d3e521


I’m challenging myself this summer to ONLY consume books by women and men of color and my lineup includes:

How to be an anti-racist -@ibramxk

Black Feminist Thought -@collinspatriciahill

The Language Of Flowers -@vanessadiffenbaugh

Long Bright River -@lizmoorebooks

What are you reading? Please leave a comment with suggestions!

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