Building Your Confidence With Values

Isn’t it crazy how some days we wake up feeling fabulous and on top of the world and then others we can feel deflated and silenced.

I do a ton of mentoring and the common thing I see holding young women back is confidence. They are afraid to go after what they want out of fear of failure and or judgement. Trust me, I’ve felt and continue to feel this way too, but one thing that’s really helped me is defining my own values and mission statement. By doing this I’ve defined what I believe in and this helps to guide me through life. If I’m faced with a difficult choice or situation, I simply ask myself does this align with my values/mission? Depending on the answer I usually know which path to choose. Having this framework helps to make me more confident. It’s hard to speak up or stand up for things, if you aren’t sure what you believe in. When you have your values defined this is no longer a problem❤️

Does anyone else do this or something different that helps them stay confident? Leave a comment.

Check out the#ellemagazinearticle, 37 Powerful Women On How To Be Confident to see how@lizzobeeating@beyonce@taylorswift@mindykaling& others keep their confidence.

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