Bill Gates Now Asks One Question That he Says Would Have been Laughable to me When I was 25

Inc Magazine published an article recently that caught my eye, “Bill Gates Now Asks 1 Question that He Says Would Have Been Laughable to me When I Was 25.” I’m a Bill Gates fan so I had to check it out. “Did I Learn Enough?” is the number one question he now asks himself. Wow, I love this. We are all actively trying to grow and sometimes I think we feel stuck. If you are in an environment that’s holding you back from learning you can do a few things.

1. Find a new environment. There are so many companies that value your growth and development.

2. Make new connections or take on new projects in your current environment that challenge you to learn something new

3. If you can’t leave your work environment for whatever reason, try to grow in other areas of your life by taking on new hobbies or activities where you’re constantly learning.

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