Becoming by Michelle Obama

Finished Becoming with hopeful tears streaming down my cheeks.@michelleobama’s story is filled with every emotion you can imagine. Courage, self doubt, intelligence, curiosity, empathy, fear and optimism just to name a few.

She takes us on her journey as a girl from the south side of Chicago to the grand walls of the White House and through it all one thing shines through, she’s just like all of us. Despite her fame and role as FLOTUS she still experiences so many of the thoughts we all do. This is a story of progress not perfection and the tale of how her and @barackobamaworked every day to make a better reality for the world.

One of my favorite passages: “Allow diversity in. Sameness breeds more sameness until you make a thoughtful effort to counteract it.” One of the best books I’ve ever read, thank you for your truth, vulnerability and grace,@michelleobama❤️#shecommutesoutloud

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