A Leader in Ever Sense of the Word

At age 21 Yamini Rangan bought a one way ticket from India to the US with nothing but her grit, resiliency and optimism. Flash forward and she’s been on the c-suite of three tech giants, @workday, @dropbox and most recently the company I work for, @hubspot!

I have a front row seat watching Yamini work her magic. Not only is she one of the most strategic leaders I’ve ever seen in action but every move she makes is thoughtful and filled with empathy. She’s constantly putting herself in the shoes of everyone at the company and making steadfast decisions that are going to benefit the collective group. I’m inspired daily by her ability to unite teams. With the emphasis on collaboration and a vision that is inclusive of everyone positive change happens quickly with Yamini at the helm.

Right now not every company is lucky enough to to have a leader like Yamini, but could that leader be you? Could you step up and deliberately lead with focus, collaboration and empathy? I think so... actually, I know so!

Link to Yahoo Finance Article: https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/yamini-rangan-hubspot-chief-customer-office-011817465.html

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