1 in 4 Women Considering a Workplace Exit

We’ve made many gains in gender equality and we are in serious risk of seeing a massive downward spiral.

The pandemic has created this double shift for women and it’s forcing them to choose family or caregiving over their careers.

Listen to @harvardhbs professor Kathleen McGinn highlight findings from her ongoing research on how working parents are reconsidering and shifting their roles and responsibilities. The podcast also covers how women are navigating workplace negotiations and pushing for a more equitable future when there are two working mothers at home.

We need to put more pressure on the men in our society to take on caregiving, housework and overall unpaid labor. We as women also need to be okay with giving up control and embracing imperfection.

Women at Work Episode: https://hbr.org/podcast/2020/10/how-mothers-wfh-are-negotiating-whats-normal

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