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Hi Everyone - I'm Tara! In January 2019, my incredible husband and I headed back from our honeymoon in Bali. The ten days we spent there were life-changing. I came back feeling more relaxed, grateful and renewed than ever before but, I knew I’d quickly be sucked back into the everyday stress and chaos of my working life in Boston.

Something needed to change, but what? What had made me so happy in Bali? I realized it was that I was constantly learning. Learning about their culture, food, climate, and traditions. My husband and I spent our free time listening to podcasts, reading books and having deep and meaningful discussions.

Before the trip, my free time, including my commute had been filled with Instagram scrolls and YouTube rabbit holes for far too long without actually taking anything productive away from it. January 2019 is when I made a pact with myself to change. My free time would be filled with inspiration, knowledge and deep thought. After a few months of this, I felt like a new person and knew I needed to share all of the incredible content I was consuming with the world and She Commutes Out Loud was born. 

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